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Teenagers' and children's courses

Children meditatingOne-day courses in meditation are held regularly for children and teenagers in Perth. Children’s courses are held for primary school students aged from 8 to 12 years and teenagers' courses are held for high school students aged from 12 to 16 years.

During the courses the students learn Anapana meditation, which involves focusing on their own natural breath. The aim is to enable them to practise after the course for about ten minutes twice a day. This daily practice has been found to bring many benefits, including:

  • helping them to cope better with stress, anxiety, worry and nervousness;
  • improving their concentration and memory; and
  • increasing their awareness and alertness of mind.

Childrens course in the meditation hallAs they learn to calm and concentrate their minds, they also learn to gain mastery over their impulses and actions.

Scheduled courses are listed in the course schedule. Courses can also be arranged by parents or teachers at other times for groups of 8 or more – either in school term or in the holidays.


One-day course details

Course venue: courses held in Perth

Course times: 9:00am to 3:30pm/4:00pm (Registration starts at 8:45am)

What to bring: Please bring a vegetarian lunch, a mat and cushion to sit on and a blanket or shawl for meditation.

There is no charge for the courses. All courses are funded by donation.

To register:
Please complete the online application form - follow the link in the course schedule.

For more info:
Please email or call (08) 6465 0573.

Adults serving on children's/teenagers' courses:
Old students who have completed a 10-day Vipassana meditation course are welcome to serve on these courses. To register to serve, please send an e-mail to

Please click to download any of the resources shown below:

  • Application form - follow the link in the course schedule.
  • An introduction to meditation - a detailed brochure about the meditation technique and the courses, including feedback from some of the previous students. These are ideal for parents and teachers.
  • Colour flyer: includes brief details about the courses. Suitable for display boards in libraries, community centres, schools and other public venues.

    Printed copies of the above documents are available in quantity. Please e-mail with your details.

More information
View more about Anapana meditation courses for children and teenagers.


Updated February 19, 2012

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